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Say ‘no’ to dividend tax

Online petition signed by thousands opposing new dividend tax

Entrepreneur, Frauke Golding, has launched an online petition requesting that the new dividend tax regime, effective from 6th April 2016, be reconsidered.

The petition, titled, ‘Reconsider the new Dividend Tax for small businesses’ states:

“The Government want to stop business owners being paid via dividends to reduce tax bills. This flies in the face of risk & reward for running a business & contributing to the economy. Life as a business owner means very long hours, low pay, stress, no holiday or sick pay & a life of uncertainty & worry.

The Government have stated that business is going to be at the heart of their programme for the next 5 years. Small businesses make up 99.3% of all private sector businesses and we provide just under 50% of all private sector jobs. There is a real danger that this new tax, along with auto enrolment and minimum wages increases, will have a significant effect on those people brave enough to start up a business that could make a meaningful contribution to the economy and jobs market.”

At 10,000 signatures, government will respond to the petition. At 100,000 signatures, the petition will be considered for debate in Parliament. The deadline for signing is 24th February 2016 and those wishing to add their names can do so by clicking HERE. At the time of writing, the petition already has over 5,000 signatures.

CLICK HERE to sign the petition

By Qdos Contractor


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24 thoughts on “Say ‘no’ to dividend tax”

  1. Shashi Hirani

    I would like to sign the prition opposing new dividend tax

  2. Naveen Singh

    I am also stand out to support the petition filed against the tax on dividend for small businesses.

    I strongly believe Government should reconsider thier decision to put on tax on dividend, which would be highly appreciated on behalf of all the small scaled companies/businesses.

    Best of luck to all who are backing up this petition!

    keep supporting this initiative in the common interest of all, those will be affected with this change.

  3. Sridhar

    I would also like to sign the prition opposing new dividend tax

  4. Rupesh Bhatti

    I back the cessation of the planned dividend tax

  5. Jeff

    The government should stop helping the large corporations avoid tax instead of going after the small businesses.

  6. Shaun

    Thank you to all that have responded. The link to sign the petition is:

  7. Bob

    I am also stand out to support the prition against tax on dividend for small businesses.

    I would like to sign the prition opposing new dividend tax.

  8. Glennn

    I have signed as shpuld all contractors but I am much more concerned about loss of expenses which would force me to abandon the UK market since I do not reside here. We need a separate petition for this rule.

  9. Danny

    [quote name=”Glennn”]We need a separate petition for this rule.[/quote]

    Create one then! Don’t complain – act.

  10. Adam Palmer

    No bainer!

    Is this the petition? Where do I sign?

  11. Shaun

    Hi Adam

    The link is in the bottom paragraph of the article, or alternatively you can click below:

    [quote name=”Adam Palmer”]No bainer!

    Is this the petition? Where do I sign?[/quote]

  12. andy gilchrist

    be glad to sign its just take ,take ,take

  13. Andrew Bradley

    I would like to sign the prition opposing new dividend tax

  14. Shaun

    Just a reminder, the link to the petition is in the bottom paragraph of the article, or alternatively you can click on the link below:

    This article is not the petition it is just providing information about the ongoing petition.

  15. Glennn

    Further to my last email, I have created said petition and need as many signatures as possible if could please:

  16. Ian Bond

    I’ve signed this and shared it on Twitter.

    HMRC relentlessly pursue hard pressed, hard working individuals with the ruthless efficiency that they should perhaps apply to large corporations, some of which take over British firms for the tax advantages, then make redundancies and put UK taxpayers out of work.

    Grossly unfair systems do not deserve meek compliance.

  17. Mahaveer Dhanapal

    Dividend tax should not apply

  18. Rama Mylarapu

    I would also like to sign the peition opposing new dividend tax

  19. Robert myles

    Where do I sign, we go on about other countries being corrupt but really our government are the masters at it.
    Work harder peasants to better yourself but pay more tax for no benefits, no wonder migrants want to come hear your better not working, contribute feck all and get much more from the system

  20. Glennn

    Thank you to Calvin, Miriam , Raymond , Mark, and Kevin – the first 5 to sign who have now made this a legal petition. Let us not stop, As IPSE says we need to send a LOUD unequivocal message that these greedy self serving policies are not acceptable. 100,000 is the target for a parliamentary review. Let all contractors show solidarity and sign. Please forward to everyone you know:

  21. Javaid Iqbal

    I support the petition against tax on dividend.

  22. Smoggy

    Why not tax it,after all it’s income isn’t it?

  23. Nappa consultants

    Fairly easy to relocate abroad and then no dividend tax to HMRC

  24. Glennn

    The other related expenses petition was approved Friday:

    Can I please request that anyone who has sign Mr. Golding’s please sign this one as well.

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