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Software – To Buy or To Rent

Buying has always been the superior option to renting, by fully owning assets or property this can put you in a more secure space. But when it comes to digital space this can be turned on its head. Would you rather own software and storage or rent it?

Renting software and storage online is the basis of cloud computing. You’re probably using cloud computing right now and don’t even realise it. Put simply, cloud computing delivers all services such as servers, storage and software over the internet. We use it to store and back up data (iCloud), stream audio and video (Spotify and Netflix) or host websites and blogs (Kommand).

Microsoft recently announced it would be refocussing more to their subscription products instead of the off the shelf software packages. If the big dogs are doing this, we should really take note. Microsoft Office software is the best example of subscription based software for business. Packages can be selected based on the business needs and everyone who needs access to a particular feature of the software can be set up as a user with a login. This allows your subscription to cover all business tasks including planning, sales, accounting and invoicing and relevant software be allocated to employees. All your files can then be saved using cloud based computing or to your device.

The biggest benefit to you and your business is the cost. Cloud computing eliminates the expense of buying hardware and software and the electricity to power and cool equipment. Due to the advanced technologies used, your system will be faster and constantly updated in keeping with the latest generation of efficient computing hardware. Off the shelf software packages can quickly become outdated and require a costly upgrade add on further down the line, if not having to overhaul your whole system.

The biggest current uncertainty for consumers is the security of cloud managed software. However, cloud systems are built with multiple layers of advanced protection. This is closely monitored and regularly updated to protect you and your account. In fact, no major cloud provider has fallen victim to the malware attacks of the last few years. Some traditional software packages offer basic security if included at all.

Cloud packages can also grow with your business. As you scale up, you can upgrade your software, increase your storage or choose more features with ease.

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  1. Danny

    Fair points – but consider declaring your bias, as a cloud service, at the start of your article. This is basically an ad.

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