How do you advertise your services?

Including an Online Presence in Your Marketing Plan

Becoming an independent contractor has many benefits by allowing you more freedom in your working environment and work load. Depending on the type of contracting you do, work may not be as steady as others.

So how do you advertise your services? How are people finding you? With so many competing businesses it can be risky to rely on word of mouth to ensure the work keeps coming in.

If you’ve not thought of it before or thought it wasn’t a necessity, an online presence can give you that extra leverage to win contracts and jobs. A website is the most basic marketing tool that works in the new digital age that we’re in.

Here we discuss 5 benefits a website can bring to you and your growing business.

1. Discoverability

A study by Verisign found that 9 out of 10 consumers rely on the internet to find suppliers for good or services required. This is especially useful when searching for local services that you provide. Not all households will have a trusted plumber or wedding photographer to dial and may look at options. Being discoverable in search engines with a professional website will immediately increase your likelihood of being considered.

2. Credibility

Including a website on your business cards will instantly increase your standing against competitors. This gives you the opportunity to show customers why they should trust you by including testimonials and evidence of previous work.

3. Flexibility

Whilst you may still have a need for print materials, they can be costly. Also, if any changes are required this can incur a lot of waste. With a website, details can be updated and edited with ease for no cost at all.

4. Accessibility

Whilst you may not be contactable 24/7/365, your website is. Having an enquiry form or booking link can ensure you don’t miss any new jobs. You can also give potential clients an idea of dates available for work to save you both time.

5. Expansion

Starting as a contractor or freelancer can be the first step to a growing business of your own. Make the most of online tools from the outset so your business can naturally grow. Building connections online can turn into offline custom without having to do too much legwork to secure.

Whilst this can all sound great, it is common to think the investment of time and money will be a major cost when considering a website. This is no longer the case. With platforms such as Kommand available, you can build your own website using pre designed templates – all you need to do is input your details! Prices starting from £9 per month but all Contractor Weekly subscribers can benefit from a 25% discount and as an alternative, they will build your site for you at a discounted rate. For further details or advice on branching into digital marketing for your business, contact Kommand at

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