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Clash of the Tablets

Many people ask me the question, “What would you recommend I get; A PC or a tablet?” Nowadays this is actually a really good question, if I had been asked this a few years ago I would have said a PC hands down. However now that the tablets are becoming ever more powerful, it is actually a question of should I get a tablet or a PC?

With the release later this year of the new Microsoft Surface Pro 4, I thought maybe it was time to cover this topic to see which one stands victorious!

The tablet has been around for many years but has only just, in the past five or so years, gained momentum and become part of our everyday lives.

Surface Pro – Best for Business

On the tablet market, I would say that the Microsoft Surface tablets are the best tablets for productivity; the reason being is that they integrate well with all of your other Microsoft products. With the majority of businesses using Microsoft systems, this is ideal for business use.

The iPad – Best Graphics

The iPad is one of the best selling tablets on the market. Apple’s latest release, the iPad Air 2 is the best yet in the iPad series. It is undoubtedly the best looking tablet out there. Performance wise it is extremely good, running smoothly. The iPad is well known for having the best screens in the business.

What about Android?

Well Samsung has been leading the tablet market for Android and it has done a great job. I think the great thing about the Android tablets is that they have a lot more features on them and they are more open for you to do things with, in comparison to the iPad. If you are looking for something that you can tinker with and not be restricted then Android is the way forward for you.

The majority of tablets out there are not laptop replacements but the Microsoft Surface Pro is definitely something to consider if you are looking at replacing your home PC/Laptop.



By Ashleigh Sims


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