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The Best Project Management Tools For Working On The Go

With over 6 million people in the UK working remotely, how easy is it to keep on top of everything? If you find your “work-place” moves from home, to coffee shops to meetings, managing your files and projects on the go can become problematic.

We’ve put together our favourite sites and apps for you to access your work anytime, anywhere.

Cloud File Storage

Storing all your files on your laptop or desk computer can be a nightmare when out and about without access. Or worse, if your device crashes! These are the two top reasons you need to back up your files using cloud software. These keeps your important documents secure and accessible from any computer, tablet or smartphone. Most have downloadable apps you can use for further ease.


With this programme, you are given 2GB of data for the free account and 1TB for DropBox Plus users. Files stored here can be accessed anywhere once you login. You can also choose to share folders or fields with other users, useful if you are both working on the same project.

Google Drive

A popular option for free users, this system starts you with 15GB of storage which can be beneficial for larger files including images, video or audio. As with DropBox you can quickly invite others to view, download or collaborate on files without email attachments.

One Drive

Microsoft’s OneDrive offers 5GB free storage, additional can be added through other subscriptions. This option is also included with Microsoft’s Office 365, a subscription package with features to cover all business tasks including planning, sales, accounting and invoicing.

Managing Projects

Trying to keep track of numerous projects at the same time can be a logistical nightmare. Remembering which client is at which stage, who is waiting on parts or which deadline is imminent can leave anyone a bit fried. We’ve selected our favourites below.


Really easy to use, you can catalogue projects into “Boards” and add tasks to each board. Tasks can be allocated to your team members and checked off when complete. This gives great transparency to what all team members are currently working on and at which stage projects are at.


Similar set up to Trello, Asana allows you to customise fields to track anything you want – whether it be leads or job applicants. You also have a calendar for due dates and a chat element to discuss with team members


A clear tool for organising your projects, tasks and teams. Basecamp allows you to view important dates and deadlines on the dashboard and also upload files. A discussion forum is available to avoid the need for messy email chains. This tool is free for students and teachers, 50% off for non-profits or charities and $100 a month for businesses.

Depending on the stage of your business, there are multiple free tools to help you on your way. All mentioned above are also available as mobile or tablet apps for you to keep track of on the move. When working self-employed, time is one of the most valuable resource you have. With these applications, you can gain some hard earned time back.

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3 thoughts on “The Best Project Management Tools For Working On The Go”

  1. Jane

    Bitrix24 is exceptionally good and it’s free. It’s literally Trello+Asana+Slack+Dropbox in one. Has time tracking, quotes, invoicing and client management in addition to tasks and projects. And again, being free doesn’t hurt.

  2. Ben

    What no MS Planner on O365? Admittedly it doesn’t work just yet with people external to your O365 but that is on its way….

  3. Dave Roban

    I would add to the list. We have used it for two years and really like it. The Kanban board, task list, Gantt chart and collaboration features like whiteboard are awesome.

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