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IR35 Reform – Your CV is More Important Than Ever

With the draft IR35 legislation for off-payroll working in the private sector being published on Thursday, and not providing much glimmer of good news, being able to sell yourself and maintain a level of control over the assignments you choose is more important than ever.

Given the implications of IR35 in the months / years to come, 3 things are high priority:

  1. Make hay while the sun is still shining
  2. Maintain control over the work you do
  3. Protect your outside IR35 status

All three points boil down to how, and how well, you can sell yourself. A Contractor with a weak winning-work strategy will have less choice, lower rates and may end up having to take contracts that they wouldn’t otherwise accept.

There’s no denying that having a highly effective CV, a compelling LinkedIn profile and the ability to sell yourself and your business in an interview is key to garnering control over your business. It’s all about choice and if you are in demand, you can pick and choose assignments and dictate terms.

Proving that you are outside of IR35 and operating as a true business requires a little bit more thought in terms of the work you pick up and the way you present yourself on your CV and LinkedIn profile, so on Thursday July 18th at 7.15pm, we are hosting a free webinar for Contractor Weekly on some of the huge mistakes that Contractors make on their CV that hinders their chances of winning work, and in many cases, promotes an inside of IR35 status.

This is going to be a real humdinger of a session where we critique some Contractor CVs live during the session, give you the blueprint for increasing your success 3-fold and show you how to avoid some common IR35-related mistakes.

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By Matt Craven, The CV & Interview Advisors


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