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The 12 reasons you are not getting interviews for contract roles!

Join The CV & Interview Advisors; international speakers and thought-leaders on all things related to winning work in the contract market.

Learn the the 12 reasons you are NOT getting interviews when seeking contract work and discover some innovative strategies that will help you to:

  • Get more recruiter and client interest
  • Get more interviews for higher paying roles
  • Eradicate the uncertainty of gaps between contracts
  • Work when you want to, giving you more freedo

Our webinars are aimed at senior professionals and executives and are much more than a boring top 10 tips session – they have been described as “outstanding” and “truly inspirational”. We regularly get feedback from experienced Contractors such as this:

“I attended your CV webinar in July as well as the LinkedIn one today. Both were brilliant.”

By Matt Craven, The CV & Interview Advisors


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