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Notice periods – what are my rights?

Q. I have worked with this client since June 2015. I signed an extension Sept 2016 to Sept 2018. The client terminated it today with 4 Weeks notice, what are my rights?

A. Thank you for your enquiry regarding the upcoming termination of your contract.

The notice period that a client is required to give in order to terminate the contract will be detailed within your contract; if the contract that you have signed allows the client to terminate by giving 4 weeks’ written notice, then essentially they are contractually permitted to terminate the contract in this manner.

Unfortunately, you will appreciate that without seeing a copy of your contract it is difficult for us to provide any further specific advice on this matter, and, commenting/advising on the specific terms of your contract would be outside the scope of this service.

This answer is provided by Qdos Contractor.

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