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Contractor Mortgages: Right to Buy Scheme

Q. I need a contractor mortgage for a right to buy property, I have had it valued and the council has made the offer and I have a month left to confirm with them who my broker is. Is this something you can help with.

A. At Freelancer Financials we have an excellent relationship with Halifax who support the Government’s Right to Buy scheme, which assists people who are renting their home from a Local Authority (or the Local Authority’s nominated housing provider e.g. Housing Association) to buy the property at a discounted price.

We’ve also negotiated contract-based underwriting so that contractors can be assessed based on their contract rate for affordability.

To find out more, contact Freelancer Financials, they will be able to advise if you qualify and what your next steps should be.

For further information visit the Contractor Mortgages page.

By John Yerou


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