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Contractor insurance for less than 12 months?

Q. I’d like not to have to be locked into an annual contract for my business insurance (limited company, working in financial services). Can you recommend any suppliers who offer a rolling monthly contract?

A. We aren’t aware of any providers who offer business insurance policies for less than 12 months.

Qdos Contractor offer its customers two payment options when setting up their annual policies, these are to pay in full upfront or to pay monthly instalments by direct debit. Customers have the ability to cancel their cover at any time during the policy duration should there no longer be a need for cover.

If you opted to pay by direct debit you can cancel at any time without a cancellation fee or the need to make future payments and if you opted to pay in full you would be required to pay a cancellation fee but may be eligible for pro-rata refund.

Whilst your original policy would have been for 12 months having the ability to cancel at any time could give you the similar flexibility of a shorter term policy.

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