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Tips for working from home successfully

Working from home advice for freelancers and contractors

The Coronavirus pandemic has meant a big shift in the way businesses are operating. And though contractors generally have more flexibility about the option to work from home, social distancing has still been a big change and it presents a number of challenges. So if you’re having trouble adjusting to your new working from home routine, here are some easy ways to adapt your working practices and help you stay productive. 

Get into a routine and stick to it

When people first start working from home, they often worry about finding the motivation to get to work. But as you might already know, you’ll probably find it’s stopping that’s the problem.

Be strict with yourself. Every day, set a designated start and finish time and make sure you stick to it. Not only will it help to keep you in a routine, knowing there are deadlines will help you to stay focused and on top of your to-do list. If it’s helpful, you can also set yourself designated break times away from your workspace.

Set a designated space

Even if you don’t have your own home office, it doesn’t mean you can’t find somewhere quiet to tuck yourself away and get cracking. If you have a spare bedroom, dining room or even a quiet corner in your living room free from distractions, a place you can leave at the end of the working day will help you to focus and keep motivated.

Learn to love your to-do list

Start each working day with a 15-minute to-do list session, and you’ll have yourself a framework for the day right there, ready to go. Jotting down your task list will help you to prioritise your workload. It’s also satisfying to cross those tasks off once they’re done.

Dress for the job

As tempting as it is to reach for those comfy pyjamas, it’s unlikely that you’re going to feel motivated. Making the effort to get dressed each day will help you to prepare for work and make the distinction between business and pleasure. You don’t have to go all out and dress in business attire, but changing into something you don’t associate with rest or play could be a big help.

Break the rules if you need to

Whilst it’s important to be strict with yourself, in these unusual times, getting the job done is just as important. So, if it helps you to work from the couch or only get dressed from the waist upwards for your video call, don’t be too hard on yourself – remember, this lockdown won’t last forever. 

Looking for more inspiration?

If you’re looking for more inspiration from your fellow freelancers and contractors about working from home, managing your time and striking the right balance between your home and work life, Parasol’s publication, WorkStyle, is here to help. Head on over to their website to download your copy.

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