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How Important is IR35 and Tax Planning to Contractor Accountants?

One of the main issues facing contractors operating through their own company is IR35. Especially as there are a lot of false stories and rumours about this legislation in the contractor community.

Forbes Young have provided IR35 advice including free IR35 reviews of clients’ contracts as a matter of course for all clients old and new. As specialist Contractor Accountants, we view this as a fundamental to the service we provide to our clients – and don’t charge additional fees for doing so.

We also help our clients with tax planning for no additional fees, as again, to minimise tax is the main reason why clients have gone into contracting in the first place. This includes advice as to the minimum salary to take, share splitting with their spouse, when to take dividends and the need to listen carefully to pension and investment advice from our recommended IFA.

Also, at Forbes Young, all clients always have one of our experienced partners as their accountant.

For more information contact Forbes Young on 0800 840 4014 (FREE from a land line) or 0333 202 1001 (From a mobile) or email

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2 thoughts on “How Important is IR35 and Tax Planning to Contractor Accountants?”

  1. Andrew

    I don’t agree that people get into contracting mainly because of tax. It’s a consequence yes, but often it’s because the nature of the work they do or industry they are in. A lot prefer not being tied down to an employer, and having the opportunity to work flexibly, which is becoming of increasing importance.

    Also, surely you would also want to advise on the maximum salary you could take?!

  2. Chris

    I can’t believe ContractorWeekly published this. Is it supposed to be an informative post?! It’s one paragraph generic statement, four paragraph advert!

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