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Freelancers, discover your WorkStyle

A vital support network for the self-employed

When you work for yourself, it can sometimes feel like you’re working by yourself, and a support network isn’t always easy to come by. But Parasol are here to change that, thanks to our latest publication, WorkStyle.

As the second instalment, this issue is told in the words of real contractors and freelancers who wanted to share their experiences of working for themselves. There are first-hand accounts of how they overcame the adversities they faced, how they balanced their lifestyles and most importantly, to show that just like them, you can achieve anything you like.

What is WorkStyle? 

WorkStyle describes the unique way in which the self-employed operate, the unique challenges they face as well as the victories they achieve by being their own boss.

As contractor support specialists, we wanted to show first-hand that working for yourself doesn’t have to be difficult or lonely. In fact, this journey should be one of the most exciting of your working life. So we reached out to the self-employed and asked them to share their own experiences and offer support and advice to the rest of the community. Whether you’re new to contracting and you’re looking for a helping hand or you’ve been working for yourself for years, there’s something inside to help.

What’s inside WorkStyle?

This issue is packed full of useful tips and advice such as:

Identifying essential skills and courses

When you work for yourself, you need to be the whole business. How do you identify your training needs?

Striking the right balance

How do you juggle work and play when your lifestyle isn’t 9-5?

How to stand out from the crowd

Want some new ways to market yourself, craft a winning pitch and set your day rate? Discover your Workstyle. Simply head over to Parasol’s website to download your free copy of Workstyle here.

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