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If there’s one thing you’ll know all too well as a contractor, it’s how quickly the state of the market can change. But do you know what has changed in the industry over the past year? How do you think the marketplace is looking? And are you satisfied with how the last year has been for you and your business?

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Accountancy firm Nixon Williams are interested in your contractor journey and what’s important to you, which is why they have released their annual Contractor Attitude Survey for 2019. This is the time to take a moment and share your pearls of wisdom with those who are thinking about going it alone. Make your voice heard and share your insight to some of the pressing topics within the industry.

What is the Contractor Attitude Survey?

Each year the survey is curated by the team at Nixon Williams to provide a clearer understanding of the market based on the opinions of contractors and freelancers. This feedback not only helps to better understand the state of the industry but also helps to support contractors with the unique challenges they face, such as tax and legislation changes, advice with finding work and any insight into work-life balance.

They believe that identifying these current trends by analysing and comparing them year-on-year can give you the competitive edge in your career: whether that be regarding your day rate, which industries are in demand, or if there are any upcoming changes which could impact your business.This unique insight can complement your career well.

What did last year’s results reveal?

Last year, contractors shared their insight into how they felt about the state of the industry, their forecasts for the future, and their opinions about how their experience has been and whether it was as positive as anticipated. This included opinions that they believe IR35 will deter contractors in the future and that their take home pay could be lower. There was also speculation that private sector companies are likely to lose out when the changes are implemented.

However, 88% of contractors had a positive outlook on the industry as a whole. They were happy with the decision to turn to self-employment and would recommend contracting to others. Some of the most recurring themes for going it alone included to earn more money, the increased flexibility, variety of work and to regain control of career progression.

Make your voice heard

If you’d like to contribute to this year’s survey, you have until Sunday 4th August 2019 to share your experiences and thoughts for the future. To give you something back for the time you invest on the survey, you could win a £200 Amazon gift card.

WIN a £200 Amazon Gift Card

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