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At Contractor Weekly we have helped hundreds of contractors operate successfully and conpliantly by providing introductions and information about choosing the right conractor accountant. We partner with numerous accountants that specialise in the contractor market.

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Every contractor should ensure that they choose a banking provider that compliments their business. Technology is vital in making business banking easier and more accesible and here at Contractor Weekly we work with a number of highly recommended and innovative contractor banking providers.

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Purchasing a new home or investing in property is something that requires careful consideration and thought. This is more prevelant for the self-employed and those operating via their own PSCs. Choosing a contractor mortgage specialist is an important decision and we at Contractor Weekly work with some of the industry's best.

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It is vital that anyone operating via a Ltd Company understands the IR35 legislation and HMRCs rules when contracting. We speak to contractors every day regarding the guidelines regarding IR35, but there are service providers that specialse in IR35 protection, insurance and support.

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Umbrella companies are a very common way of working via temporary contracts. With compliance and flexibility benefits choosing the right umbrella company provider can be an important choice. With our umbrella partners we want to make that decision a little easier for you.

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As a Ltd Company Director it is important to ensure that you are managing your income wisely for the future. Being self-employed, many contractors are aware that they now have duties and responsibilites that they otherwise would not have been responsible for. Having a pension set up with a specialist pension provider is a tax efficient and important way of utilising funds, and having loss of income protection in place of employment 'Death in Service' is also a popular choice for contractors. We work with numerous providers that specialise in wealth management for contractors.

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