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Contractor Legal Services

Qdos Legal Services provides a wide range of contractor legal services to support contractors across the United Kingdom. Checking your contracts, handling disputes with agencies and end clients, handling any personal legal issues faced by the contractor, providing general legal advice, Qdos Legal Services can help.

Qdos Legal Services aims to provide accessible, effective, practical advice; work to settle disputes efficiently and effectively; and achieve the best possible outcome for all clients.

Legal issues faced by contractors

In the business of contracting, contractors can find themselves faced with a wide array of legal issues, for example:

  • Restrictive covenants – the contractor must be aware of any restrictions imposed on them by way of their previous employment and the potential implications this might have on them when they go freelance.
  • Company formation – setting up a new limited company; awareness, understanding and compliance with company law.
  • Signing new contracts and renewal of existing contracts – for example: contracts with agencies or end clients; it is important to make sure that the contract is fair, does not contain any onerous obligations for the contractor, and that it allows for termination on reasonable grounds.  The contractor needs to protect their position and avoid being bound by an unfair contract.
  • Payment delays – to avoid cashflow problems you need to be paid the right amount, and on time.  The contractor may require external assistance in the event that payment is delayed, or refused by their end client or agency.
  • Problems with agencies or end clients – contractors can occasionally find themselves at odds with their agency or end client.  Whilst most issues can be resolved without the need for external assistance, the contractor may require support in order to resolve more serious disputes.

These are just a few examples of situations in which Qdos Legal Services can support contractors by providing legal advice or representation services.

Your contract is important

Contracts can be lengthy documents that are full of legal jargon and difficult to interpret.  An understanding and knowledge of contract law is beneficial but we don’t all have time to read the latest textbooks on the subject.

When a contract is put forward by an agency or end client you have an opportunity to review and challenge any of the terms and conditions you feel are unfair or particularly onerous.

Some people will sign contracts without carefully reading them from cover to cover and taking time to fully understand the implications of each term and condition.  The implications of signing a contract without full appreciation of the terms and conditions can be significant.

We recommend that contractors carefully read the contracts put forward to them, and take time to ensure that they understand all the terms, conditions and obligations imposed by the contract.  If in doubt, the contractor should seek to have the contract checked by a suitably qualified individual.

Qdos Legal Services can help.  Whether you need someone to review a contract offered to you by your agency or end client, if you need someone to draft a bespoke contract for services, or you just need some advice, our experienced solicitors are able to help.

Helping you in times of need

Many disputes between contractors and their agencies or end clients can be resolved amicably via correspondence between the parties, however, more complex matters may need to go through mediation, or even Court proceedings, in order for a resolution to be found.

If you find yourself involved in a dispute, whether you are trying to defend or pursue, whether you are simply looking for advice or require representation, Qdos Legal Services can help you.

Qdos Legal Services takes time to understand the client’s requirements before providing accessible, effective, practical advice on the best means of resolving a dispute.  When instructed to provide representation services, Qdos Legal Services works to settle disputes efficiently and effectively, and to achieve the best possible outcome for all clients.

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Contractor Legal Services

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