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Raiders of the Taxpayer’s Bank Account

By Andy Vessey


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7 thoughts on “Raiders of the Taxpayer’s Bank Account”

  1. James Wilson

    Put your money in Bitcoin and they can’t get it!

  2. Nigel

    To be perfectly honest, I don’t see the problem with this arrangement at all. If you paid the tax you owe, you wouldn’t get raided, and I have no time for tax evaders. There really is no excuse to not pay, if you have the means to do so, and have been contacted 9 times about it. Even if they are mistakenly collecting tax, you’ve been given 9 chances to respond to tell them about their mistake before they do it. Can’t say fairer than that in my book.

  3. DotasScandal dot Org

    Obviously you have never been at the receiving end of HMRC errors.
    Well, many honest people that “paid the tax they owed” have. I can assure you it can and will ruin your day, and possibly your life.

    Giving power like these to anonymous civil servants with a track record like theirs is like giving a 5-year old a loaded gun to play with.

  4. Liaqat

    Nigel appears to have made a couple of bold (and incorrect) assumptions:

    1. HMRC is a competent and professional organisation
    2. HMRC employs competent, dilligent people who treat every case with the attention to detail it deserves.

    When some muppet has set the HMRC hounds on to you incorrectly its never as easy as just cslling them. Have you ever tried to resolve a utility bill overpayment or broadband issue? Do you think the people on the HMRC phones are any smarter than the person on the utility company helpdesk ?

    All these ‘safeguards’ are good on papaer. The implementation is another thing completely. I have no faith in any of them because its half-wits who will be implementing them.

  5. Tramadol

    DotasScandal dot Org : No doubt you were one of those greedy idiots who used the Montpelier DTA scheme.

    If so, you deserve EVERYTHING you get. And more.

    Pay up and shut up.

  6. MistakesRus

    Not a good idea. To many examples come to mind of where people who are exceptions to the norm cause problems for HMRC’s admin systems and could potentially have their lives ruined by this. I had an issue recently where due to divorce and relocating a few times in a year as I didn’t like the flat I was staying in I was not getting correspondence despite having written to them with my new address and phone. Imagine if they were trying to tell me that my SA was underpaid if for example I’d got the reference number wrong when doing the bank transfer. They could have hit me for over 10k which I’d just put in my account to pay my new mortgage deposit. I think this should need to go through a court and HMRC should be no different to any other company trying to chase a debt. They can already file for bankruptcy against a person. Good intention to simplify debt recovery but they are not above the law.

  7. Shiny mattress

    Make yer bed out of gold and sleep on it, safe as houses – shiny precious

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