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HMRC’s Offshore Tax Avoidance Campaign

HMRC have launched a brand new offshore tax avoidance campaign, showing the strangely attractive eyes of HMRC leering at you through a map of the modern world. What do we think about this new approach from the taxman?


Offshore tax avoidance was a piping hot potato in 2013, much publicised by the media and, with a little help from Jimmy Carr, fast became a household discussion. By the looks of things, HMRC are keen to clampdown on hidden offshore income, armed with the ominous pledge, ‘We are closing in on you.’

“If you’ve declared your taxable income and gains then you have nothing to worry about. But if you haven’t and we catch you, you’ll have to pay the undeclared tax, a penalty of up to double the tax you owe, and could even go to prison”.

By Troy Stevens


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