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Crunch Accounting Launch New IR35 Status Test

Contractor Accountants Crunch Accounting have launched their new IR35 calculator, an IR35 status indicator designed alongside compliance experts Qdos Contractor. Along with their compliance test, Crunch have also introduced their new IR35 guide to resolve any confusion you may have about the HMRC legislation.




Are you a contractor?

For all contractors who are concerned, anxious, or darn right troubled about the IR35 legislation, Crunch are aiming to ‘help you navigate the IR35 minefield’. Their new IR35 calculator has been made available to aid you in securing compliance, by allowing you to determine your level of risk of being ‘caught’ by the legislation.

To check out their new IR35 test, simply follow this link!

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3 thoughts on “Crunch Accounting Launch New IR35 Status Test”

  1. Matt

    Hmm, ran through this test and got the following result:

    “Based on your answers we were unable to determine your IR35 status. You may be at risk of an HMRC investigation.”

    How useful…..

  2. Tony

    I completed the test and got the same result as Matt.
    “Based on your answers we were unable to determine your IR35 status. You may be at risk of an HMRC investigation”.

    Not very helpful, but also not surprising since the IR35 legislation is so ill-defined in the first place. It is crazy that we contribute so much to the UK economy, yet cannot have certainty that HMRC won’t come knocking trying to prove that we are ‘disguised employees’ of our end clients.

    We already make a significant contribution to the Exchequer through VAT, Corporation tax, income tax and NI on salary.

    HMRC Go Away and leave us alone!!

  3. Alex

    Got the same results as Matt and Tony but answered the questions to make sure I’d be clear of IR35.

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