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Some Advice Would be Nice…

As the insurance markets continue to expand, with policies increasing in both value and scope, it is feared that the customer is beginning to get left behind. Worry exists that within the busy market, no one is bothering to give personal and independent guidance.

The online marketplace is the largest and most effective way of buying and selling products, this is no different with insurance, with almost all business is being carried out via the internet. Some worry however that this way of doing business, although incredibly easy and effective may well be losing that necessary personal touch.

PI insurance, business insurance and contractor insurance for example are all tailored policies to different client’s needs, and customers require guidelines and advice into getting the best package. The internet may well have a tag line, or even lengthy description describing a product, but when it comes to personal, professional guidance, this is where the ‘World Wide Web’ falls short. Many insurers choose to perform all of their transactions online and try to use personal and staff as little as possible.

More customer friendly companies however recognise this flaw in online sales and provide phone numbers and organise consultations to meet a customer’s needs. Qdos, an established midlands provider do just this, performing outstanding examples of customer care from IR35 advice, to personal IR35 contract reviews. This isn’t to say that every customer wants to be met with a pearly smile and firm handshake, but alongside a ground breaking and innovative online shop, Qdos are a great example of a firm dedicated to customer satisfaction.

The online marketplace is a huge, global enterprise that has advanced the sales markets of all areas of business through leaps and bounds. Insures must never forget however the importance of customer care and communication with cliental. After all, a little advice is always nice.

By Troy Stevens


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