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PI Insurance Needed in Every Snapshot

The importance and versatility of PI insurance is again highlighted with increasing numbers of photographers purchasing the policy.

Professional indemnity insurance is one of the most essential and important policies available. Its cover can provide a safety net throughout almost all areas of business and recently professional photographers have been purchasing the cover in order to sustain credibility and protection to their industry.

The actual policy is very valuable to photographers as it covers the potential accidents and damages that can occur during shoots and on location. Not many people really stop to think of the dangers that come with most professions, photography for example may seem risk free, but one mistake or accident could lead to a great deal of trouble.

PI insurance has come in very handy for many photographers, our research has shown, often accidents including harm brought onto models and equipment damage has resulted in cases and claims of negligence. Again this is where the existence of professional indemnity insurance proves so effective.

Different areas of photography, like most other professions incur different levels of risk, baby photography for example has a higher risk factor than wildlife photography, and this is reflected throughout the professional indemnity insurance policies available.


By Troy Stevens


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