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Lowering Your Insurance Charges – The 4 Easy Steps

A time and cost free guide to reducing you insurance rates effectively and easily.

  1. Buy policies in bulk – Buying two policies from the same insurer for example will no doubt lower the costs of both as a result. PI insurance and Contractor insurance bought together would reduce admin fees and possibly result in a cheaper deal.
  2. Ask for a discount – When buying insurance, there may well be a possibility that the broker has ‘forgotten’ to inform you of any discounts available. Asking if there is any deal on offer is not rude or tactless and could result in some serious savings.
  3. Pay yearly – By paying yearly for your insurance package is almost always going to be that little bit cheaper. Besides that, the effort and stress of a monthly buy would be eliminated and the price of admission transaction fees would not apply.
  4. Shop around / Compare – Go compare! Why not? By shopping around and comparing different policies available, a potential buyer will have seen the entire market, therefore will know where a good deal can be found.


By Troy Stevens


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