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Leading the Way in Insurance Sales

If online shops are the way forward in an expanding sales environment, then Qdos are leading the way in insurance marketing.

With the internet being at the forefront of the global market, it is unsurprising that anything that can be bought online is bought online. Obviously not everything can be purchased in the same place however (Ebay can only do so much) so it’s down to the customer to find the right places to go.

The world of insurance and cover policies is at the head of the international marketplace. Its products and packages are both popular and available to view and order worldwide, but what the insurance world does seem to lack however is an online shop where insurance policies are organized and systemised in an easy, accessible and attractive way. That is, until now…

Qdos, a midlands insurance advisor has launched a ground breaking, extremely popular online shop that has revolutionised the ways in which a customer views and purchases products. From Professional Indemnity Insurance to IR35 contract reviews, their virtual environment allows the customer to browse and choose products in an incredibly easy and non-intrusive way.

Not only is the shop a great place to simply purchase insurance, but it is also a domain in which one can research into the products, not only via the rich amounts of information on offer, but also the news and articles section, providing a great insight into the rapidly developing world of insurance.

In the ‘add to basket’ style of all successful online retailers, a customer could highlight a policy, PI insurance for example, and be offered the choices of ‘Find out more’ or ‘Add to quote’. The format of Qdos’ online store is a great leap in insurance sales, and casts a great outlook on the future in which policies are viewed and purchased online, but don’t just take my word for it however, go and see it for yourself.

By Troy Stevens


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