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The Internet Turns 30

In an age of IT contractors, web analysts, site developers and data managers, it is very strange to think that the internet is only just turning 30.

If 30 years ago we were to say that soon pretty much all of the day to day activities of us human people could be done by interacting with a dully lit screen, then I’m sure that even the hardiest of folk would lock themselves away for fear of this horrific dystopia. I’m quite positive that if we were to ask a person from the 1970’s what the most looked upon sight in the world would be by 2013, they wouldn’t respond with a video of a sneezing Panda.

For good, bad or just downright ludicrous, the internet has dominated the 21st century, and as it comes up to its 30th anniversary, we are only just admitting what a colossal impact the World Wide Web has had on the entire planet.

Many are guilty of relying on the net for practically everything, and some of us fear the very dangerous and very real hold that the online world has on our lives. It is true that to look at the internet on paper (or better yet, a downloaded e-zine); the whole concept is downright terrifying, but in practise, we ignore these realities and can’t help but sign ourselves over to the virtual domain.

Below are just some examples of the very best the internet has to offer.
Google is a kind of internet elder that can do absolutely anything.
From the surreal to the serene, the video network with no boundaries.
Who would have thought that an online car boot sale would be so popular?
More useful facts than you can shake a stick at, and even more useless ones.
A very important and thought provoking website.

By Troy Stevens


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