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The Five Worst Holiday Destinations

In the past, we have produced articles aimed at inspiring you into thinking about your holidays and advising you on where is hot and where is not.

This is the opposite. Read our list of the five worst possible places to be in, and your office or workplace will suddenly not seem so bad!Centralia, Pennsylvania, USA.

  1. Centralia was once an ordinary New England community, boasting as many as 1,000 residents as recently as 1981. However, upon the discovery of a raging fire beneath the town in an abandoned mine meant that for obvious safety reasons, the town had to be abandoned. The cause is not known, but the most likely cause was an incorrectly extinguished refuse fire that was prematurely placed in the old mine. Only 12 people are brave enough to remain living in the town, and unfortunately none as far as we know run a B&B.
  2. Republic of Molossia, (Geographically surrounded by Nevada, USA)
    If your travel agents suggest a holiday to Molossia, approach with caution. Rather than a resort in the Mediterranean, Molossia is the ‘class project gone mad’ of one Kevin Baugh, or rather President Baugh. Though not officially recognised by any actual nations, Molossia is recognised, unsurprisingly perhaps, by other ‘micronations’. The 14 acre land plot, which is essentially Baugh’s house and yard, also claims to be at war with East Germany, and does attract around ten tourists a year, who must get a kick out of the ‘micronation’ phenomenon.
  3. Bir Tiwal
    Bir Tiwal, in Eastern Africa, is the only region in the world to not be claimed by any nation. The 795 square mile area lies between Egypt and Sudan, but neither appear to want to have ownership of it. This whole fiasco came about after two separate borders were drawn between the two nations, segregating Bir Tiwal and its neighbouring region of Hala’ib, and with the latter being far more prosperous and ‘worth having’, both claim it and neither claim Bir Tiwal. Good luck finding a hotel here though, if you fancy it.
  4. Sedlec Ossuary, Czech Republic
    We have included this church in the Czech city of Kutna Hora in our top 5, although we admit that this may appeal to some so we shan’t give our own views. However, we will say that the church is laden with the bones and skeletons of between 40,000 and 70,000 people. According to legend, ground from Golgotha was scattered around the church in the 1200’s, and this meant that many people wanted to buried there. This number increased dramatically during the plagues of the 14th and 15th  centuries, and required the building of a larger church and graveyard. This meant that many graves had to be exhumed, and the job to pile up the bones was apparently given to a half-blind monk. In 1870, a local woodcarver was tasked with turning the bones into a ‘presentable’ church, and that is what stands today. All very strange.
  5. There are numerous hilarious names of streets and towns dotted across the planet, some more repeatable than others. Examples include Twatt in the Orkney Isles,  Cockfosters at the top of the Piccadilly line, Cockup in the Lake District, North Piddle in Worcestershire and Thong in Kent. One would be advised to carefully consider picking any of these as a holiday destination, merely for the potential postcard sent to elderly relatives. Feel free to add your own!

By Sean Dudley


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2 thoughts on “The Five Worst Holiday Destinations”

  1. Manya Singh

    I was all at once surprised when I got to know if there are worst travel destinations in the world as well. All the places seem to be great, after all these are worst. I must appreciate your imagination and efforts to reveal such places for us. Here are few more worst places of the world.

  2. J Sorensen

    Then thereĀ“s the Touat gas field in Algeria, which is at present being developed. The project is formally named Touat Gaz. Pronounced “twat”.

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