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The Art of Technology?

Technology and art, two entities that are in every way connected, but just not quite alike. The relationship between these two concepts is comparable to that of two cousins who are forced to share a summer together: they obviously do go hand in hand, but at a glance they seem like strangers…

In 1899, Charles H Duell famously said ‘Everything that can be invented has been invented.’ And how wrong he was. Because of the internet, games consoles, reality TV and practically any activity that requires us to stare blankly at a small screen for hours on end, we are now living in a world where technology is everything.

Inventions, ideas and possibilities are being thought up and created practically every minute, and whether you think this a positive thing or simply a deranged plea for society to advance, you will no doubt have jumped on the technology bandwagon.

I am of course talking about smart phones, laptops, tablets, iPads, gadgets, gizmos and pretty much everything with an ‘on’ button. The shelves of computer outlets are changed quicker than the TV channel when a curious teen hears his mum’s footsteps during the 10 minute preview, and this fast tech market shows no intention of slowing down.

And where is art amongst all of these hard drives, codes and algorithms? Oh it exists, if you look close enough… I think. With all of this new technology lies what can be argued as a vast expansive of restriction free art forms. Instagram for example enables any Tom, Dick or Harry to publish photos that have the beautiful retrospective jaded look of the early 60’s, despite the fact that the photos may well be of some moron mooning outside a kebab shop.

Twitter and social media allows the great minds of the world to share and philosophise their thoughts and musings at will (even though the most thought provoking tweet I read this morning was, ‘Threw up in my nan’s sink #hanging’). I know what you’re thinking: isn’t technology wonderful.

It is true, poets and artists are moving aside for web developers and IT contractors, and this new age of technology is the closest thing we are having to an art movement.

My point here is this, amongst the arms race that exists with ever releasing technology, and amid the chaos that is apps, androids and tweets, does a subtle beauty exist? Is there art in technology, or are the little pleasures and splendours of life being washed away by the tides of friend requests, status updates and megabytes?

By Contractor Weekly


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1 thought on “The Art of Technology?”

  1. steven

    The fundamentals of technology boils down to art, without art we wouldn’t have technology. Famous artists such as Leonardo da Vinci used art as a form of experimentation to inform his inventive nature.

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