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Taxman on Twitter

By Contractor Weekly


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2 thoughts on “Taxman on Twitter”

  1. Andrew Harrison

    I would rather they sorted out the core accessibility first. Answer the phone, provide e mail addresses and carry on improving the online information about tax paid and due.

  2. Peter

    HMRC needs to focus on its basic communication services first – including opening its mail. 2 years on, still waiting for a resolution to a straightforward problem as they are too incompetent or lazy to drag their worthless carcasses down to their post room and open their post – they won’t accept email, they can’t deal with anything by phone even if you can get through, and their internal communications are farcical. Last time I called, I was genuinely told that “to manage my expectations” they had to advise me that it would take them 3 months to receive an internal response to an internal email to try and “action my query”. Well, it certainly managed my expectations – before they told me this I was only expecting gross incompetence – now I expect nothing less than total incapability to do anything at all.

    These are the same people who fine you if you are a day late – wonder if they would let me off if I said I was using email, so can I have a 3 month extension!

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