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Our Top 5 iOS7 Features

We give you our favourite features of the new iOS7 update. Never heard of it? Then get out of your cave and look on ‘settings’.

This month, an event happened that changed the world as we know it. The once docile, normal and in some cases pleasant citizens of our world were reduced to astonished and confused chimpanzees, our usual daily grind turned upside down into near apocalyptic bewilderment. I am of course talking about the recent Apple iOS7 update, a modification that marked the biggest change to the iPhone interface since the trailblazing talky boxes went on sale back in 2008.

Behold our ‘Top 5’ favourite features…

1. Removing Apps

Removing Apps

The ability to remove/switch/minimise Apps from our interface is hardly the stuff dreams are made of, but this new addition is actually very effective, and proves that often the littlest of variations can go a long way in making our lives that bit easier.

To use this feature, simply double click on the menu button when the phone is unlocked and swipe up and across the tabs. It really is very lovely.



2. Swipe-Up Control Panel

Swipe-Up Control Panel

The new ability to access a number of toggles from an easy access control panel is a nifty accessory to our i-products, the inclusion of the aeroplane mode among other gadgets is a relief to those folk who steer clear of delving deep into the ‘Settings’ App. It even sports some psychedelic colouring for good measure. Groovy.

To use this new feature, all you have to do is swipe up and enjoy.



3. Blocking Contacts

Blocking Contacts

At last! Apple have finally woken up and accepted that despite what their adverts lead us to believe, the world does not consist of throngs of happy-go-lucky students and backpackers who love everybody and want to connect and network with every living thing on the planet at every given opportunity. There are many of us who simply do not want to talk to certain people, and because of this, the new ability to un-maliciously block SMS/Call and Facetime contacts comes as a welcome addition.


4. Built in Level System

Built in Level System

For all of you who are mid-way into building an Anderson shelter, putting the finishing touches onto your new home-made tomahawk, or are on the cusp of beginning just about any project undertaken by someone on the brink of a midlife crisis, Apple have created the App for you. The new built in level system will tell you at what angle your iPhone/iPad is held at whenever you can be bothered to undergo the strange compass test beforehand. Personally I have failed to see the real point of this application, other than it doubles up as a second rate flight simulator that one can play when trying to get to sleep. Top japes.


5. The Home Screen

The Home Screen

I am actually very happy to say that probably the best new addition to the iOS7 update is in fact… not an addition at all. To the relief of almost everyone, the home screen and familiar interface has escaped the wacky redesign of many a classic feature, coming out with simply a slightly jazzed up look, and a cool tilty background thingy when you move your device around a bit. The iPhone’s initial screen is by far the most prolific feature of the appliance, the gizmos and thingamajigs embedded within simply arms from the strong and simplistic heart that is the beloved home screen.

So this is our ‘Top 5’ best features of the iOS7 update. Do you have anything to add?

By Troy Stevens


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