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Movember Inspiration

In support of the institute of Cancer research and their Movember project, we bring you our favourite celebrity moustaches.

All throughout the month of November, the institute invites people to grow their own piece of facial foliage in support of the research into prostate and testicular cancer. If you are brave enough to take part in Movember, we hope these provide some inspiration!

Tom Selleck

The actor who’s moustache is almost as famous as him, Tom Selleck’s upper-lip warmer is a cult classic. The star of Magnum P.I has also shown off his ‘tache in Friends, Las Vegas and the film Three Men and a Baby. In 2010 he went clean shaven but, quite frankly, looked half as good.



Charlie Chaplin

Legendary comic actor Charlie Chaplin supported the moustache-bowler hat combo for years. Most famous for his work in the silent movie era, Chaplin’s career spanned 50 years and is truly a legend of both the cinematic and moustache world.





Hulk Hogan

Former wrestler Hulk Hogan’s wonderful facial hair completes the unique look of one of the sport’s legends. Also having an impressive filmography including Rocky 3, Spy Hard and Santa with Muscles (yes, really), Hogan’s iconic handlebar is one to be admired.



Merv Hughes

Australian Cricketer Mervyn ‘Merv’ Hughes is almost remembered as much for his walrus-like moustache as his illustrious cricket career. A sportsman of great charisma, Merv wasn’t afraid of dishing out a verbal insult or two to his opponents.



Freddie Mercury

One of the greatest pop stars of all time, Mercury’s moustache completed his pop-rock image and propelled him to eternal stardom. A phenomenal career as the lead singer of Queen, as well as a successful solo career, Mercury’s magic moustache will go down in history.



By Sean Dudley


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    where am I on that?
    it was a scandal at the cricket club when it went

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