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It was on the Line!

John McEnroe has nothing on David Nalbandian, the Argentine tennis player who is today facing a police inquiry after booting the line judge in the shins during the final of the Queens Championships on Sunday. The former world number three left the unfortunate linesman with a bloodied shin after kicking an advertisement board at him as a result of losing a point in the tournament’s final.

Because of his actions, Nalbandian has been deemed ‘unsportsmanlike’… and with this, it brings up a number of thoughts. I would hate to think of what it takes to be deemed as ‘unacceptable’ in the world of tennis… a full left hook to the temple? Maybe even a steel capped racket to the kneecap? It may just be me here, but if Freddie Flintoff can be deemed as the antichrist for going out on a pedalo, then a slap on the wrist for fully blown ABH seems a little lax. Despite the lack of uproar however, the hot headed Argentine does face an £8,000 fine (ho hum) and even has to forfeit his £36,000 prize money (that’s more like it) but the tennis player hardly seemed concerned on his recent outburst.

‘It doesn’t matter’ said the nonchalant Argentinian. ‘This incident doesn’t mean that I’m not going to come back’. Now I may just be a bit behind on the times by thinking that ruffing up the linesmen is not yet common practice, or perhaps I missed the memo when they fused kickboxing and tennis, but with the amount of scaremongering and outcry that occurs whenever a footballer tugs another player’s shirt, you would at least expect David Nalbandian to be signing on before the week is out.

By Troy Stevens


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1 thought on “It was on the Line!”

  1. Bertie Turnbull

    As a teacher of PE in high schools, I consider that this petulant and unprofessional behaviour is scorned by our youngsters, who are far more admiring of their football heroes’ acceptance of punishments imposed for their (often minor) misdemeanours.
    Good for you, tea-bag, for highlighting the contrast between what will always constitute sportsmanship and spoilt, bad behaviour!

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