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HMRC Strikes Back

HMRC Strikes Back

HMRC go old school by publishing the ugly mugs of the UK’s tax avoiders in a fully blown name and shame campaign.

Tightening their grip on tax dodgers, nonpayers and all round sleazebags alike, the HMRC are taking a leaf out of the FBI’s book of torment, and plastering their faces all over the UK’s tabloids.

Tax evaders and fraudsters gallery is published by HMRC (BBC)

HMRC’s gallery of tax evaders misses the big picture (Guardian)

Taxman publishes rogues’ gallery of ‘most wanted fugitives (Telegraph)

HMRC’s Flickr Channel (Flickr)

As their dead eyes stare back at you, like the unused headshots of wannabe Eastenders extras, you can’t help but wonder why on earth they dared take on the dreaded HMRC.

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1 thought on “HMRC Strikes Back”

  1. Edward

    Quote – “UK’s tax avoiders”
    Contractor Weekly needs to learn the difference between tax AVOIDANCE and tax EVASION. The gallery is of tax EVADERS.

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