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Google Street View Art Exhibition

A Montreal-based artist is promoting his new collection of photography, all taken from Google Street View.

Jon Rafman’s collection, which is entitled, in homage to the nine photographic lenses the van Google uses to create their highly successful programme.

Since its initial release in 2005, Google street view has expanded drastically, and more and more streets, towns and cities have been added to the site for users to explore many far-flung places.

Last year the website announced that they would be extending the service to cover Ireland, Brazil and even Antarctica. The programme has announced plans to extend the service to more and more countries, with India, Israel, Thailand, Chile and a host of Eastern European nations set to be added to the website.

Rafman’s project however, displays some of the most funny, mysterious, artistic and beautiful images the Google Street View camera has captured so far, and his collecting of these fascinating images is testament to technology’s ability to present the world in ways previously unseen.

By Sean Dudley


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