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Clever Accounting – Freelancer Innovation

The innovative approach to an accountancy and tax service at Clever Accounts is ideal for freelancer businesses, for less than £800 per year – we simply don’t understand why contractors are constantly asked by the market to pay more than this.

Clever Accounts specialises in this area and offers an ideal style of accountancy support for freelance contractors, combining specialist advice, strong customer service values, fixed fees and online technology. An online system dramatically reduces the admin burden, with a simple process for contractors to quickly raise invoices and record expenses, all in one system, which is then linked to their accounts and tax calculations – that’s it. That’s all they need to do – as little as half an hour per month is required out of their busy schedule and everything else is taken care of, leaving them to focus on added value tasks.

The Clever Accounts team handle all tax calculations, returns and compliance on their behalf and they are available for unlimited same day response support and advice, by phone and email.

Their systems and processes are set up to ensure deadlines are never missed and clients always know what is required, for example using automated reminders.

And because the system is online, the contractor can immediately view their financial position and see what their tax liabilities and obligations are, in real time, 24/7 – not something normally available from an accountancy service.

What’s more, all of this is covered by a fee of less than £800 per year. We feel strongly about this at Clever Accounts and we do not understand why contractors are constantly and frequently asked to pay far more than this. A package encompassing excellent service, specialist advice, tax-planning (including IR35), a responsive, named accountant and online functionality does not need to cost the earth. And that’s what we provide contractors at Clever Accounts – all of the above included for only £69 per month.  

What this means for the contractor is:

  • Quick and easy tax-efficient ‘one call’ set up, IR35 advice, insurance and bank account assistance
  • Hassle-free, paperwork-free tax compliance and a reduced admin burden
  • Clarity and transparency at all times over their tax position and also their finances, with instant online reporting and no need to wait for figures to be processed
  • Specialist advice on tap, when required, using modern communication tools, with no need to diarise a meeting
  • All of their accounts, tax returns, VAT, payroll and dividends dealt with automatically and efficiently, in the background and no missed deadlines
  • All for a fixed fee of only £69pm, with no extra bills

All in all a significantly different picture to the one painted by the FSB’s report, of costly services, time-consuming complexity and late payments.   

By Contractor Weekly


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