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Choosing a Contractor Accountant

The Top 5 Things to Consider

The Accountant is Dedicated and Trustworthy

Arguably the main factor to consider when choosing a contractor accountant is whether or not they are trusted and genuinely dedicated in their field. It is always advised that contractors research a future accountant regarding their reputation and past history.

The Account Specialises in Contractors and Freelancers

Many contractors will prefer to use an accountant that specialises in catering for contractor and freelancer clients. When choosing something as important as an accountant, it is beneficial to deal with a firm that totally understands the customer’s needs.

Personal, Local and Accessible

No-one wants to have to drive 100 miles to have a meeting with their accountant; neither does anyone have to leave a dozen answer messages before getting a look in. Having said that, many contractors are happy never to meet with their accountant face to face, so it’s very much a matter of personal preference.

Reputable and Recommended

Reputation is an essential factor when discerning and choosing a contractor accountant. Word of mouth is always a good way of getting a taste of a good bookkeeper, and a fair bit of digging around forums and blogs is always advised.

Good Service, Guaranteed

It is always important that a contractor accountant does exactly what they say they will, and this is why a guarantee of service is always very important. Companies can promise the world to sign you up on their books, but their services can often be very different to what they promised.

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