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Auntie’s Tax Avoiding Bloomers

Auntie’s Tax Avoiding Bloomers

How many companies does it take to make up the BBC? The answer is 25,000.

It has emerged that the BBC is now a hive for contractors/freelancers and those working via PSCs, with the number of ‘off-payroll’ workers reaching well over 25,000. This recent information has sparked much debate and suspicion regarding the morality of the BBC, questioning motives of tax avoidance within the treasury and throughout parliament.

“We were shocked to discover that the BBC has about 25,000 off-payroll contracts. Some 13,000 of these are for individuals who are on our screens and on the radio every day. They are the public face of the BBC.”

This quote taken from MP Margaret Hodge is an example of growing concern that the BBC has in fact sought to reduce its tax contributions by encouraging some employees to set up personal Service companies to boost the number of ‘off payroll’ personnel.

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This recent example of contractors being thrust into the public eye is part of a trend of high profile independents and companies being questioned by the tax office over the query of sufficient tax regarding Personal Service Companies and contracting.

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  1. Toby

    Ace, Mr Blobby a contractor! What does that make Noel Edmunds? One of those sleazy agency moguls you mentioned a few weeks ago?

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