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A Genuine Hangover Cure?

A former finance worker has developed the first official ‘Hangover Cure’ to be recognised by a government health body.

American Brenna Haysom’s invention, a tablet named ‘Blowfish’, will be available to buy in America in January and may be in shops in the UK by 2013.

‘Blowfish’ has been recognised by the American Food and Drug Administration board, and is reported to quell the negative physical effects of the morning after a heavy night of drinking. It should be said that the drug has not been proven to get rid of extensive guilt or strange bruises drinkers tend to not remember getting.

The idea came to Haysom, rather predictably, after a rather heavy night of drinking. After researching and experimenting with traditional herbal remedies that supposedly do the trick, Haysom found that the majority needed to be taken before sleep to have a positive effect. Haysom felt this was not good enough, and set about to create what has now become the ‘Blowfish’.

The ‘Blowfish’ contains an antacid, as well as 1,000 milligrams of aspirin and 120 milligrams of caffeine, and supposedly can cure that dreaded hangover in around 15 minutes.

If the ‘Blowfish’ does take off on our side of the Atlantic as it has been predicted to in the USA however, it is likely to be the subject of much debate. However if over this Christmas period you wake up with a particularly thick head, it may not be too long before there is a guaranteed remedy in place.

By Sean Dudley


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