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We’re not going on a Summer Holiday!

A recent survey has found that, on average, only half of workers take their full allowance of holiday leave.

Perhaps even more surprisingly, 1 in 10 workers took no holiday leave whatsoever, the survey conducted by recruitment agency Robert Walters has found.

The news has been treated by analysts as a sign of the current insecurities in the workplace with regards to redundancy at a time of tremulous economic stability. It is thought that a high number of workers feel guilty about taking holiday leave and that they prefer to remain in the workplace in order to try and guarentee their respective futures.

There are also more obvious reasons, like the fact that at a time of economic struggle, spending thousands on a holiday is perhaps not everyone’s idea of a good choice. But similar figures have also come from surveys conducted in the USA and it appears that the general consensus amongst workers worldwide is that commited hard graft will earn stability in the workplace.  

Other reasons include an increase in specialist positions, and that workers are less easy to replace with somebody who can do an identical job, therefore meaning that the company are in greater need of a specialist worker’s services. This also means that if a specialist worker does take a week off work, their workload in weeks following this will be greatly added to, meaning that they may feel it is illogical to take time off.

Holiday leave is something that should be carefully planned, and there are many workers out there that may well want to consider making the most of the time of their company gives them.

By Sean Dudley


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