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Umbrella to Limited Company – Simple?

Would you like to switch to Limited Company Contracting but depend on your weekly Umbrella payments?

Many contractors operating today through an Umbrella company are aware that there are tax efficiencies to be had if they switch to Ltd Co contracting, but have chosen to stick with Umbrella to avoid the perceived hassle and increased admin of running their own company. Additionally if you’ve been operating through Umbrella for a while you are probably used to being paid every week and might not be keen on replacing that with invoices paid in not this Friday, or next Friday but in 30 days time, or even longer.

UC Finance have a solution for you. By using Timesheet Finance™ you can gain all the benefits of trading through a Ltd Co and still get access to your cash weekly.

The first step is to plug all your details into their free online calculator, to see just how much you could gain. We tested it using a £350 day rate and discovered annual gains of £10,000!

Contacting UC Finance is easy, by telephone, email, or live chat; and one of the team will be delighted to discuss the process of switching to Ltd Company.  Working in partnership with experts in business insurance and contractor accountancy, who can provide services such as IR35 compliance reviews and free company incorporation, the transition is quick and easy.

Remember, it might be that working through an Umbrella Company is the right option for you, but if it’s not staying put could turn out to be a very expensive mistake.

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