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LinkedIn for contractors

With over 200 million members and approximately 2 more joining every second, LinkedIn is becoming increasingly popular for professionals worldwide to sell their products and services.

You only have to visit some of the groups on LinkedIn to see that many contractors use this platform to secure contracts and many recruiters use it to promote their top roles. Yet despite this, many contractors don’t use it enough, if at all.

Your LinkedIn profile is like an online CV and should be filled with all of your skills, education, experiences and qualifications just as your CV would, as well as any affiliations you have. Not only will completing your profile in such an in depth manner increase your potential to win contracts, it will also increase your ability to connect with people and in this day and age, it’s not what you know, it’s who you know.

By increasing your connections, you will increase your chances of ranking higher when someone searches for your job title or skill, and when there are approximately 2 million business analysts out there for example, this can prove incredibly useful. Recruiters don’t just have to search for you by LinkedIn though. LinkedIn profiles rank high in Google and by making your full profile public, you can be found easily via search engines, as well as any websites and blogs you have added to your profile.

But don’t just wait for contracts to come to you. There are over 1.5 million groups on LinkedIn which can be used for sharing knowledge, promotions and most importantly, to find new opportunities. This is where LinkedIn is your new best friend. Join groups relevant to your trade, groups owned by recruitment agencies and jobs boards, get networking and discussing relevant topics and responding to advertised roles you are interested in.

LinkedIn is an incredibly useful tool for contractors so join the generation, network and win that contract.

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