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Jobs – London Rules?

40% of all new IT jobs created are in the London area, according to a survey by recruitment firm ReThink.

The survey indicated that London has seen an increase in the amount of IT work created and available in recent months and the IT industry is benefitting from the current financial upturn after a torrid time during the credit crunch.

Furthermore, the survey stated that 23.9% of new IT jobs are in the South-East region, amounting to almost two thirds of all new IT jobs being in that part of the country.

Many reasons have been cited as the cause of the growth in the capital and surrounding areas, and the aforementioned financial upturn is certainly at its core. ReThink Recruitment have pointed to the vast number of banking and financial companies based in London who, having diminished their respective IT departments in the face of a looming credit crunch, have now starting to invest again.

These findings follow recent news that there are now over 1,000,000 working IT professionals in the UK, the highest number ever recorded and amounting to 4% of the overall UK workforce. 

By Sean Dudley


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