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Jaguar Announce New Jobs

The government’s drive to put manufacturing at the heart of Britain’s economic recovery has received a huge boost today as car-makers Jaguar Land Rover announced plans to invest £335 million into a new factory that will build low emission vehicles, which will be based in the Midlands.

One proposed location is Wolverhampton and the estimated amount of jobs created specifically in manufacturing is 750, with hundreds more jobs being created in other crucial departments.

The news is a palpable relief for those who proposed and backed a potentially ill-fated project to procure the basis for financial recovery through manufacture. The news is certainly an upturn from the devastating news that Bombardier train-makers of Derby would have to cut 1,400 jobs after not securing a contract to build new trains for the London Crosslink project, a loss that cost the UK economy £1.4 billion.

The news does however come on the back of a similar headline about BMW’s decision to build its new range of Minis at their factory in Cowley, Oxfordshire. Together these two announcements may well be indicative of a turn in fortunes for an industry that has been riddled with downturn in recent years.

Business secretary Vince Cable has said he feels that the industry should not put all its eggs in the so called ‘green’ basket, but that environmental investment may well be a catalyst for growth in the car manufacturing business.

The news is certainly a progression from the dark days during the midst of the recession, and has been welcomed by various associates and representatives of the motor industry, including the Unite workers union and The Society of Motors and Traders, and the move is likely to be of benefit to a huge amount of people. 

By Sean Dudley


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