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HP to Invest in SMEs

{jcomments off}SMEs have received a boost this week, with the IT giant Hewlett Packard revealing its plans to use small businesses for sub-contracting work in their private sector projects.
HP already uses over 600 SMEs as part of its UK supply chain, but is hoping the new initiatives will increase this number by at least 150.

The news may come as a boost to many small and medium sized business owners, who may be yet to see the fruition of the plans Vince Cable outlined last year, which said that the government would help fund the growth of SMEs in a bid to move out of the current recession.

The Financial Times reported on how little effect the plans were having in November, and how many small business owners had been left disgruntled by the lack of success the schemes were having.

However, the news that a big-name company such as Hewlett Packard is investing may show that the future of SMEs may be more prosperous than once thought. Managing director of HP UK, Nick Wilson, has stated his belief that ‘there is potential to help SMEs bring innovation to our customers and growth to the British economy’.

The parliamentary under-secretary for business, Baroness Wilcox, has reiterated the government’s stance on SMEs and their part to play in economic growth, saying ‘small businesses are vital for driving growth in our economy, and the government wants to make the UK the best place in the world to start and grow a business’.

How SMEs will receive this news is debatable, but there are at least signs of progress that have been sadly lacking.

By Sean Dudley


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11 thoughts on “HP to Invest in SMEs”

  1. Andrew

    I have worked for HP and they need all the help they can get as they have sacked nearly everyone with any IT skills.

  2. Andrew

    I am sure you all enjoyed reading this but is it not a bit more important that HP have now just announced that they are laying-off more than 24,000 workers world-wide?

  3. Seb Maley

    Oops, looks like this article was particularly popular with spammers. At least they enjoyed reading it.

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