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Have you Ever Been Called for Jury Duty?

Contractors, share your experiences, is there ever a convenient time for Jury Duty?

In her recent article entitled, ‘What are your options if summoned to jury duty?’ Telegraph journalist Jessica Gorst-Williams examines the opportunities faced by UK professionals that are summoned to sit on a jury at an inconvenient time.

In the piece, Gorst-Williams goes into detail regarding the options (and lack thereof) that professionals face when called to jury duty, pinpointing a number of professions and positions, also addressing contractors and the decisions they face.

For those of us working through personal service and limited companies, the repercussions of jury duty can have substantial effects on our finances, leaving us particularly vulnerable should jury duty crop up at a problematic time. Is there ever a convenient time for Jury Duty?

A spokesperson for the Ministry of Justice commented saying, “Jury Service is one of the most important civic duties that anyone can be asked to perform. It has served us well for hundreds of years and continues to deliver justice across the country every day.”

This being said, Jury Duty, as much as being an honorary obligation, for many can be a very unwelcomed calling. If any contractors have ever been called for Jury Duty during a contract, or simply fear the prospect of the ‘official envelope’, feel free to comment below.

By Troy Stevens


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