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Google Predicts Growth

Economists at Google have predicted a substantial growth in the amount of IT jobs in Britain due to companies exploiting the benefits of the internet.

An estimated 365,000 new jobs may be created in the next five years, a prediction that reflects the already heavy internet investment in the business world.

The internet is one of the few entities that has recorded rapid growth in the recent financial climate, and these new predictions are testament to the way in which the it has become a reliable and consistent source of stability in what can only be described as a tremulous time for many companies.

The predictions will certainly be a positive thing to hear for many IT contractors. The idea of work being regular and less time spent on the bench is something that will warm the cockles of many a contractor’s heart. The internet now accounts for a fifth of GDP growth and that figure is only likely to increase in the coming years.

Philipp Schindler, Vice President of Google in Northern and Central Europe, has said that these statistics may even be on the conservative side, and that the internet will be the ‘biggest driver of export opportunity you will find over the next decades’.

Schindler also pointed to the opportunities the internet gives small and medium sized businesses to broaden their market and expand their business to places previously not possible. He highlighted businesses being successful by taking advantage of mini-trends, something he deemed likely to continue and grow as well.

Furthermore, before this week’s business conference where the keynote speaker is Chancellor George Osborne, Schindler aired his views on technology and politics, and said that, to benefit the country, the government would be better off ‘rather than saying where I regulate – should rather say how can I protect and actively create the space for innovation’.

Google recently opened a third UK office in Soho, London and have announced plans to extend it.

By Sean Dudley


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