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Festive Cheer for Contractors

With Christmas fast approaching and everybody tentatively checking their bank balances, the release of some positive statistics will be pleasant reading for contractors.

The Recruitment and Employment Confederation’s (REC) new monthly report has indicated a likely upturn in contracting opportunities, with many recruiters emphasising their want to engage more contractors on a long term basis.

According to the REC’s findings, 96% of clients are intending to either engage more contractors or remain at current levels, a pleasing 59% looking to help their business grow by taking on new resources over the next year.

This news is in stark contrast to the gloomy financial predictions that have peppered the news in recent weeks and days, and the air of confidence and relative stability that remains in the contracting world should certainly be appreciated.

There is however a high chance that the controversial public sector cuts proposed and implemented by the current government may have ramifications on companies in both the public and private sectors. 23% of private sector clients interviewed by the REC are expecting the cuts to have an effect.

In a time of financial turbulence though, and with economic matters constantly permeated with such lugubrious terms as ‘crisis’ and ‘meltdown’, the signs are comparatively good for contractors, and there are definite grounds for optimism.

By Sean Dudley


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