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Does Your Contractor Accountant REALLY Look After You?

Because the professional life of a limited company contractor can be an overwhelming tribulation at the best of times, ‘specialist’ accountants exist to ensure financial planning, invoicing, timesheets and whatever else crops up can be managed and maintained with general ease.

With quite a growing number of contractor accountants in the modern marketplace, we ask whether your contractor accountant REALLY looks after you, and we ask what else you would like to see from your ‘dedicated accountant’?

We once ran a piece titled ‘Choosing a Contractor Accountant’ where we specified the top five things you should look out for when signing away your books.

These were…

  • The accountant is dedicated and trustworthy
  • The accountant specialises in contractors and freelancers
  • Personal and accessible
  • Reputable and recommended
  • Good service, guaranteed

What else would you like to see on this list? And does your accountant tick all of the boxes?

Please leave your comments in the box provided or alternatively further discuss on our forum.

By Troy Stevens


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3 thoughts on “Does Your Contractor Accountant REALLY Look After You?”

  1. Sarah

    Proactive advice and updates on changes to laws, requirements etc

  2. James

    Agree with Sarah. Also real time web based view of accounts, tax liability, available cash – simple processes. Covers everything – PAYE, Corp Tax, VAT, payroll, Companies House / HMRC correspndance/returns. Advice eg on expenses. IR35 compliance audits/advice. And yes, my accountant service does all of this and more and they are lovely people. And much less expensive than others.

  3. Paul

    I like the idea of knowing that the fees are fixed, and knowing what service I will get in return for those fees. Also agree about the personal level of service rather than just being treated as one of the herd.

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