Search Magnifying Glass is a website which shows the latest vacancies in various contracting fields and is a must-visit for any currently ‘on the bench’ contractor.

The website allows both contractors and companies searching for specialist contractors to set up an account so that the very best opportunities come their way. With over 8,000 potential positions available for viewing, is one of the best places to start looking for your next position, or the best place to advertisement a current available position at your company, safe in the knowledge that thousands of contractors check the site every day.

Contractors can upload personal CV’s to their account, allowing potential recruiters to approach you if they feel you are the ideal candidate for their job. With positions available for perusal in numerous fields, including Oil and gas, Pharmaceutical, Engineering, Health and I.T, the range of opportunity is massive. also breaks down available positions by location, making it easier to sift through the positions that suit you.

The website has a news section dedicated to bringing stories that are relevant to contractors to their attention. It also offers free PI insurance, something that plenty will find very appealing. offers a great service for contractors currently out of work or searching for something different. It’s wide range of positions allow each contractor to potentially find the perfect job for their own specialisms.

By Sean Dudley


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