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5 Myths About Going Freelance

Freelancing seems to be a goal for many professionals: the sound of being your own boss, the thought of more money and even the chance to work from your bed. Lots of myths fly about and, although there are many benefits of going freelance, make sure you are doing it for the right reasons; your reasons, not because of the myths you hear.

1. Freelance is a quick road to riches

Freelancing can be very lucrative, if you’re in the right place and you land the right jobs. However, this isn’t without a lot of effort. You’re on your own here, you don’t have a team to support you when you struggle. With tempting wages also comes a lot of hard work. Many freelancers struggle just as much as everyone else. If work isn’t coming in the freelancing can become somewhat scary.

2. Freelancers have less stress

There is no less stress than in traditional employment than working from your bed. Regardless of where you’re doing your work, freelancers have the same responsibilities, deadlines and pressure as everyone else. A few home comforts, however, can make things a little easier. 

3. If you’re good at what you do, clients will come to you

Word of mouth is a great way to get noticed. However, if you rely solely on people coming to you then soon enough you will be out of work. Marketing yourself is vital, without this clients won’t be able to find you. Be on top of your social media, keep in the loop with your contacts and get involved in self-promotion.

4. Freelancing is less secure than a job

Whether you’re freelance or employed by a company you still have to work hard to keep your job – no job is completely safe. It is true freelancing can be unpredictable, but the benefits of working hard and securing work is very liberating.

5. Freelancers can work when they want

Sure you can pick your hours, as long as the work’s getting done. As for taking days off, well you’re only missing out on money. Be sensible about days off, there’s no holiday pay with freelancing.

If you’re freelancing for the right reasons then it can be an extremely lucrative path to go down. Work hard and the benefits will flow in, but just remember whether you’re in an office or not, doing a good job at what you do requires just as much hard work and conscious effort. 


Article by Maddie Dean from Mobile Contractor.


By Maddie Dean


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5 thoughts on “5 Myths About Going Freelance”

  1. Alfie_J

    [quote]Weather your freelance or employed…[/quote]
    …you won’t get very far with poor grammar!

  2. David S

    “Weather your freelance or employed”..? Ugh. Sign of the times that Mobile Contractor and Contractor Weekly both failed to pick this double howler up.

    Shame – it distracts from what is otherwise a good and relevant article.

  3. Marie MobContractor

    Many thanks for flagging our grammatical error, this has now been corrected.


  4. Mike

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    Hi Maddie! This is really an informative article. Freelancers have a great deal of professional pride. A freelancer’s own business and reputation are at stake. They also have the flexibility and focus to work long hours, often at times of the day when everyone else is sleeping.

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