The impact of being diagnosed with a critical illness

In this week’s article, we’ll be looking at the impact of being diagnosed with a critical illness

John, a 40 year old IT Contractor, was recently diagnosed with an aggressive type of prostate cancer.  It was only found by chance after attending his 40+ routine Wellman check where he explained he was having some unusual symptoms. Although he was feeling a little under the weather, he had been experiencing urgent and often painful urination cycles, low-grade constant back pain and bouts of constipation which hadn’t gone away. After a full examination, further tests / investigations were carried out, it was found he has an advanced type of prostate cancer.

John was put on an aggressive treatment as his symptoms very quickly became uncontrollable resulting in extended absence from work. Doctors told him there is a very good chance he will make it to nearly full health post treatments. BUT, with all cancers, it is never 100%, he needed to commit to the treatment and focus on recovery to give himself the best chance.


Soon after treatments commenced, his worries soon moved from getting better to financials, he was the only earner with a young family to take care of; paying for the bills, kids, mortgage, car loans, which were still coming through.

The real kicker was just around the corner as his contract was due for renewal in two months and he was nowhere near able to continue work.

*Case study based on real-life events.


Most people’s options are quite limited in this situation.

  1. Ask family / friends for financial help
  2. Take out additional credit (loans / credit cards)
  3. Increase mortgage borrowings (if you have a mortgage)
  4. Rely on savings then see what happens


One of the simplest and most effective solutions is to protect yourself if you were to become critically unwell. A tax-free lump sum would be paid out which can then be used as you see fit whether you need to pay your monthly mortgage or clear it off outright, cover outgoings to taking experimental therapy at a cost, this will give you the options when you need them most.

This will not secure your contract for another term, but it will remove that financial worry and allow you to focus on getting better as quickly as possible.

Better still, the cover offered by C&D Business Protection Specialists can be;

  • paid for by the business and treated as an allowable business expense
  • not a p11D benefit and it
  • reduces the Company’s Corporation Tax bill
  • paid out tax free.
  • Will not fall within your lifetime pension allowance like conventional death in service policies

Call C&D Business Protection Specialists for a free no obligation quote.

  1. CALL 0330 043 4321 or


  • Dave says:

    Fake News alert.
    This is an advert not an article.
    Have the words ‘Sponsored Article’ above the link is not really good enough.
    This is clearly just a product advert.
    Come on CW. We expect better of you.

  • Sam says:

    Dave, I actually thought this article was quite insightful. I am a part of many of these ‘Contractor websites’ and use many of the affiliates as often are vetted before hand, I’ve personally saves tons. I don’t think websites can survive without some sort of input.

  • Regi says:

    This article is very close to home, I had cancer and it really affected me. I hope you see through the shroud of trolling, do what’s right for you at the end of the day.
    I can’t get cover now as the cancer is in remission, no one will touch me with a barge pole!

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