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Will my status change in April?

IR35 Question

I am a contractor working for a large private sector company. I’m contracted for 3 months at a time and have been engaged by this client for the past 6 years. I’ve done annual working practice reviews and the 3 monthly renewals are reviewed by QDOS every time.

If my role switches to be inside ir35 in April and I continue to provide the service after this time, will this put my last 6 years of being outside IR35 at risk of review/challenge by hmrc?

My concern is that if I continue inside ir35 from April then it might question how I was outside ir35 in march.


HMRC have stated that they will not carry out targeted campaigns into contractors whose status changes in April.

We did however hear of a few isolated cases in the public sector and in light of the recent campaign into GSK contractors, the risk does exist. You are still liable for your status in relation to payments prior to April 2020 so we would advise to ensure you have the relevant evidence to support your status and take out insurance if you feel required to do so.

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